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  • Utrecht
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Nature does not need us at all. It fascinates me to see nature takes over huge locations when humans are gone. Nature that grows together with the leftovers is an important inspiration for this collection. With the use of molds, burying textiles and real plants, nature creates its unique patterns on the fabrics, with nothing but time as its tool to take over the garment. I honour nature by letting it literally grow its way into the fabrics.


This collection is about my personal faith. From my childhood I heard about my parents faith. But what is it exactly for me? by exploring and tryouts i found out that faith is something so personal, so full of love, and so full of wonder. The feeling faith gives me, I want to take people with me, to let them experience the same.


‘MORE!MORE!MORE!’ is a interdisciplinaryproject between fashion students and music technology students.People always want more, more and more. We measure our happiness with the amount of wealth we poses. We think we can achieve an improved version of ourselves by collecting more items. It will never be enough.
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