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Pauline Perrin

  • Pauline Perrin is a multi-disciplinary designer who uses fashion as a non-verbal language. Her work consists of bold and eye-catching imagery. She uses this outcome to raise awareness on issues like queer visibility, body positivity, and self-expression.

  • Eindhoven
  • Modeontwerp , Textielontwerp , Styling , Illustratie

Opinion Cooler

An optimistic series of self-portraits exploring the strange relationship we have with image, emotions, and artificiality in the social media age.

Feel Like a Milion

To me, 'looking like a million' is a state of mind first, rather than a financial condition. I embodied this statement by creating a glimmering, highly crafted collection from discarded textiles.


There is still today a stigma around sustainable fashion, which is assumed to be neutral-looking. With RIOTDOVE, I offer a range of clothing that reduces waste and recycles textiles while sporting a fierce look.
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