Bureaus & Ontwerpers

Linda Vilumsone

  • Eindhoven
  • Brand & corporate design , Social design , Grafisch ontwerp , UX- & interactiedesign


Why did Brexit vote happen, according to the rivalling Remainers and Leavers sides? With false facts and misleading tabloid titles, the narrative is both exaggerated and non-factual. Brexitales are here to bring the two sides back together, with a publication and a reading environment for both kids and adults.

Altijd Vers

With technological advancements, the food industry is continuously developing. We have ultimately defeated the seasonality of food and the fruit of the year 2018 onwards will no matter what be always fresh. The calendar displays the most changed through cultivation vegetables rotating glamorously through every season.

Emergency Confidence

If you want to live up to expectations, you have to measure up to the polished picture of a self-assured professional. Emergency Confidence is a life vest made for success. Made to arm you with undeniable confidence, as it instantly pushes you into a ‘power posture’.
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