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Antonia Oana

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Communist RETROspective

While Western Europe was adopting movements like Memphis, Art Deco, Neon Noir, 1980s Romania, my home country, was still under communist rule. This way I was inspired to create a game room, that has the appearance of an arcade game room, a symbol of the 1980s. The room combines the playfulness of my way of working with real stories from Communist Romania. My goal was to create a space, in which the eastern‘s everyday struggles are hidden under a western approach to everyday life. Communist RETROspective is an art installation consisting of three games, inspired by stories from communist Romania, especially 1980s and Nicolae Ceausescu’s rule.


Brains on! An interactive game for children, which helps kids improve their attention, focus and creativity when it comes to solving different tasks. Brains on! contains three different games, two of them emphasizing on children's ability to solve some focusing exercises, and one that helps to improve their creativity "solving" a puzzle, however, they want. The target group for this game is children between 4-8 years old!

VR experiments

I created this set of visual for a Virtual Reality animation, in which the viewer will be placed in the middle of a room (virtual space) in which the animations will be projected on all the walls of the space, including the ceiling and the floor. The project has an installation structure, so it is not about the aspect of the animations, but about the feeling and experience you have while "being there".
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