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Iris Otten

  • With a focus on film, fashion and performance Iris experimented with the body and translates this into a visual research.

  • Cuijk
  • Vrije vormgeving , Modeontwerp , Styling , Textielontwerp


For this project I focus on the tension that "Consumer Culture" creates. We are consciously and unconsciously influenced. Entangled in the abundance of images, physical tension arises. My work shows the moments when bodies get involved in a tense struggle when they are confronted with different forms of discipline.


With my film, I want to turn your sense of control into obstruction. The pursuit of control is not left to chance. That is why I see the urge to control, to get a grip on every situation as a pointless act, because nothing can really be controlled.

SUB ||consire

During my process, the surrealist movement in photography was a big starting point. Through tension and sensuality these desires form their shape and show a suppressed state from which you cannot escape. With the photo series I show the obscurity of the subconscious.
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