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Zsofia Kollar

  • Amsterdam
  • Design research , Productontwerp

Killing you softly

Killing you softly is a reflection on our consumer culture. On a culture, which while comforting our needs, softly destroys us and our surroundings. Hyper-consumerism has spread globally, and its tactics of persuasion have established a material culture where the hardcore whirlwind of information and the dense wilderness of materials have engaged a large part of most societies and cultures. Consumerism has created our own monsters, which we are slowly becoming ourselves.

Only for limited view

A hand mirror is a very intimate object, it’s meant for an affectionate view for the one who holds it. How much can you fall in love with yourself? How long can you look at yourself, when you know the view will melt down. Will you look at yourself until the view is gone, or you let others look themselves too? It is a mirror, the more you hold it, the more it melts. It’s only for a limited view.

Human hair tapestry

It is time for us, humans to become material sources for a better environment. Within the textile industry, there are undiscovered sources where we can make a change. My research into transforming human hair waste is a suggestion of how we can use local, sustainable materials to change the textile industry.
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