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Lot Mars

  • As a conceptual graphic designer, I am fascinated by the unboundedness in terms such as time, colour and language

  • Gouda
  • Grafisch ontwerp , Typografie & letterontwerp ,

A written form of stuttering

A new designed script that reflects how people who stutter experience language. With new characters, animated letters and visible silences, this interactive script represent the stuttering that is not audible. This written form complements the spoken and make it possible to experience the entire stuttering language now.

Evolution of the Dutch language

The Dutch language is dynamic, it changes every day. However, it is represented by a book that is updated only once a year. This website celebrates change and shows how rich our language already is. As a user you can add new words. The definition will be formed by past and present words.

The red hour

When traveling to Mars becomes common we surely needs a time indication. In my opinion this is asking for a completely new designed system. Mars counts 24 hours plus 37 minutes a day, so our clocks will be out of place there. ‘The red hour' is a time system, designed from the properties of Mars.
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