Bureaus & Ontwerpers

Baiba Soma

  • Eindhoven
  • Design research , Social design , Experience design ,

Expired white

Expired white is about purity and perfection which we tend to associate with white. I studied different aspects of the importance of white in sculpture, fashion, cinema and more. The materialisation part looks at the expiration date of whiteness. Discarded white plastics become new functional objects.


When people need help, they are looking for the distinctive uniform of police officers. However, their appearance is now more threatening than reassuring. It erects a psychological border between them and the people they supposedly serve. Series of videos and books, show how the authority switched from elegant tailoring to authority expressed by visible weapons, protective gear and postures designed to instil fear.

Stairway to heaven

Research - essay project about staircases. The staircase, one of the fundamental elements of architecture. In the essay the staircase was analyzed from different aspects, representation of the staircase in movies, monumental quality in architecture and from the emotional sensibility which this structure represents. In all of these cases, it was valued for its emotional and visual elements.
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