Bureaus & Ontwerpers

Irakli Sabekia

  • A recent graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven and based in the Netherlands, Irakli Sabekia is a multidisciplinary designer and reasercher.

  • Eindhoven
  • Experience design , Expositie- & tentoonstellingsontwerp , Ontwerp voor de openbare ruimte , Design research

Voicing Borders

The project Voicing Borders investigates the eastern boundary of Europe where a razor-wire fence stretches across Georgia, marking the territory occupied by the Russian invasion of 2008. Hidden behind this barrier, in an attempt to rewrite history, whole villages were burned down and the remains completely removed, leaving no trace of local population. In an interactive installation Voicing Borders, viewers can unveil locations and structure of the disappeared villages by casting shadows on the projection. While in the second part of the project, the very weapon of occupation becomes a tool for voicing an objection to it. A specially designed radio transmitter connects to the razor wire fence and uses it as an antenna. Transmitting through it a short message in Morse code. It states the names of the disappeared villages and their geographic coordinates.

Ministry of Reasonable Chaos

Every aspect of Dutch life is regulated, either by the system or through an abundance of social control. Overwhelming regulation is restraining the capacity for creative change, says Irakli Sabekia. His new Ministry is here to shake things up: its goal is to create new possibilities by introducing reasonable amounts of chaos and randomness into various aspects of life.


The installation consists of fifty oak seedlings growing from an island of ash. Burned books are the ground, from which new life springs, unburdened with the weight of the bygone ideologies, it reinvents itself and emerges, fragile but powerful amidst the ashes of the past.
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