Bureaus & Ontwerpers

Zara Kanaan

  • Aspiring Designer - hungry for purpose and a change in societal systems.

  • Amsterdam
  • Modeontwerp , Illustratie , Textielontwerp , Design research

Who is she?

Introducing the four-dimensional human, whose logic allows being everywhere and nowhere at once, whilst engaging with the online world.

Let's get into the details..

The collection aims to target the four-dimensional humans who lead the paradox of living both a life in the physical world and participating in "a reactionary process of online embodiment". John Barlow, an activist for the freedom of online identity, provided an optimistic look on the possibility of ridding oneself of the constraints of the physical self and looking towards exploring the limitless creative possibilities of a life online.

Living in cyberspace

In the peak of our technology and the existence of social media, the idea of building an identity online comes from the fantasy of removing yourself from the physical world in exchange for an immaterial existence. Thus leaving metamorphosing, shapeless online forms to proliferate; a prioritized characteristic of the four-dimensional human.
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