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Esra Copur

  • Amsterdam
  • Modeontwerp , Vrije vormgeving , Styling , Design research


Programmed_society is a comment on the current zeitgeist, where humans are stuck in an endless repetition of living. I portray people as programmed individuals who buy items as a matter of routine, rather than out of necessity. By literally connecting people to clothing racks, I leave them drowning in their own repetitions.

Stripy Flurry

What happens in the world of my dreams? As soon as the brain sinks into a deep sleep, the subconscious mind takes over. It alienates the feeling of my body: a leg seems to grow, an arm shrinks, my torso deforms. The confusion is complete when I wake up while sleepwalking.


Can we feel at home just by wearing our clothes? And if we are not at home, could we take our home and the associated feeling with us? Or is being together enough? This project is about researching and discovering the relationship between feeling at home and being at home
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