Bureaus & Ontwerpers

Matthijs Bruinenberg

  • Atelier for furniture and interior objects. Focussing on interventions within production techniques and material development/research.

  • Udenhout
  • Industrieel ontwerp , Interieurontwerp & -architectuur , Productontwerp ,

Tempering Series - bench

The tempering series is a result of a extensive material research in the heating process of steel, and shows how this industrial production process can be controlled to a level that it produces uniform, unique end-products.

Faux Series - coat hooks

The art of faux marbling, suggesting something different than what observe, creating what is impossible to produce in the actual material due to constructive limitations. With the expertise of a faux marbling artist, I illustrated this unique craft onto contemporary design.

Marblelous - the exploration of re-using marble grit

Marble grit is a by-product of the marble quarrying industry that has very little worthwhile application in current time. This project explores what alternative role this material can play in contemporary design. Embracing the marble grits qualities of adhesion and density to " freeze " elastic metal meshes by submerging them in a concrete-like mixture that contains up to 80% of marble grit. Creating geometric stone-like structures where the marble grit plays a necessary load-bearing role
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