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Jesper Speekenbrink

  • product and industrial designer, specialised in footwear development.

  • Rotterdam
  • Productontwerp , Industrieel ontwerp , Modeontwerp , Animatie


LAST DIVISION is a narrative football boot collection for recognisable, yet stereotypical characters within the 90-minute game. The bespoke shoes are created from the bottom up, starting by developing an industrial accesible method of making lasts and soles.


The shoe is a powerful tool when it comes to defining the movement of the whole body. In this area, you can get lost in all the existing theorie of how you are supposed to move. Bare foot, minimalistic or with the best of technical aid and support. This shoe is more like a training equipment, redirecting your run.


Social media urges us to constantly share how fantastic our lives are. Sharing stereotypical travel-images of far-away places has become an essential part of this image. The PHONY Toolkit allows you to escape the travel-pressure and fake perfect travel pictures without even having to leave your home. "You can't say you went to Belgium to find yourself!"
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