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Brian Mitchell

  • Wassenaar
  • Grafisch ontwerp , Productontwerp , Styling , Industrieel ontwerp


I designed and produced a 3D design product which can be used by anyone, without having knowledge of the advanced computer programs. The user can build by using small blocks that are comparable with “pixels" to create a desired image which corresponds interactively with a digital 3D image screen.


We are losing our privacy to the world, which is why I have designed and produced sunglasses that hide your identity and protect your privacy in a fashionable way. Unclaimed glasses are a fashion statement based on the privacy law. We choose who can recognize us, when we want to.


Why does every ergonomic office chair hurt your eyes when you see it? I couldn't answer that question, so I decided to design one myself. This chair is not only a designer chair, but it is also filled with springs that supports your back with every move you make.
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