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Désirée Malessa

  • Amsterdam
  • Productontwerp , Design research ,


In times of moving and changing homes more often than we ever did before, I designed 'nest' - a minimalistic moving box, which can be easily transformed into multiple essential furniture pieces. 'nest' also functions as a medium for transporting your personal belongings from place to place, to place.

clothes to you

'clothes to you' is an urn collection, made out of favourite clothes of deceased loved ones. It is the outcome of a material research, focused on how to make a new stone / marble lookalike material, which is strong and durable but also calming and soft at the same time. It is also the outcome of a psychological research: creating urns out of the decedent's favourite clothes, turns an impersonal urn to a familiar object of nearness. 'clothes to you' was designed to help reducing anxieties of bereavement.

past is present is future

'past is present is future' is a research of using hair as a new mass material due to overpopulation and a project inspired by hair loss from cancer patients. With 'past is present is future' I also designed a frame collection, which allows you to wear your hair in a new way.
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